Stephanie Shiflett

Graduate Student in French,
Teaching Fellow in French
718 Commonwealth Avenue, Room B01
BA, University of Kansas
MA, University of Kansas


Before coming to Boston University, Stephanie Shiflett earned an M.A. in French and B.A. in French, history, and creative writing at the University of Kansas. She lived in France for two and a half years as a student, English teacher, and assistant in a study abroad office, all while traveling extensively throughout Europe.

Her research focuses on the intersection of cartography, anatomy, and theology in early modern literature. Through the figuration of the body and its localization in the cosmos, early modern cartographic texts conveyed a theological stance, and thus a political opinion. Key players in this project include Abraham Ortelius, Guillaume du Bartas, and the humble seashell.

Irit Kleiman, Jennifer Row, and Tom Conley