Photo of Pau Canigueral Batllosera

Lecturer in Spanish


Cañigueral Batllosera has a particular interest in medieval and early modern Iberian literatures, with a specialization in the cultural exchanges in the Western Mediterranean. His research interests include Mediterranean Studies, medieval theories of hermeneutics and authorship, brief-narratives collections and translation. His first book project, Boccaccio and the Cultural Hybridity of the Neapolitan Court of Alfonso the Magnanimous (c. 1442-58), examines the role of Boccaccio’s opere minori in the multi-lingual literary production during the Aragonese age of the Kingdom of Naples. He has published articles in the rhetoric of the genre “infiernos de amor” in Castilian poetry and in the reformulation of Boccaccio’s anti-feminine discourse in Catalan prose. His other publications include digital editions of the medieval Spanish Fiammetta (Hispanic Seminary of Medieval Studies, 2018) and a pedagogical edition of María de Zayas’ short story The Power of Love (Open Iberia / América: Teaching Anthology, 2019).

As a translator, he has published Catalan translations of Oscar Wilde’s essays The Decay of Lying (Quaderns Crema, 2014) and The Critic as Artist (Ela Geminada, 2020), and he has recently completed a Catalan translation of Boccaccio’s Elegia di madonna Fiammetta (Ela Geminada, forthcoming). His future projects include translations of Boccaccio’s Corbaccio and Massuccio Salernitano’s Il novellino.