Photo of Isaque de Moura Goncalves

Graduate Student in Spanish

Isaque de Moura is a Brazilian writer and a PhD student in the Department of Romance Studies at Boston University. He holds a BA in Political Science (2017) and a MA in Literature (2021) from the Federal University of Piauí (Brazil). His academic research focuses on the analysis of the fictional spaces of asylums, hospices, and mental health units in Cuban and Brazilian literature. He is particularly interested in themes of hospitalization, psychiatric violence, and the subject mortification processes in total institutions in Latin American contemporary narratives.

Author of the novel Morto, nada me faltará (Ed. Penalux, 2021) and the collection of short stories No meio do tiroteio (Ed. Kazuá, 2017), Isaque’s writing often explores eroticism, absurdity, and acid humor for the constitution of the loser antihero archetype, a central figure in his fictional work.