Photo of Fred Lafortune

Graduate Student in French

Fred Lafortune received his undergraduate degree in French Studies from Rhode Island College; he is currently a PhD student in Boston University’s French Language & Literature program. His main research interests are post-colonial studies and literary criticism and theory.

Fred is the author of several books, including En nulle autre, Silex, and An n al Lazil, a poetry collection written in Haitian Creole for which he received the Dominique Batraville Prize in 2017. In 2018, Fred received the Best Poet of the Year Award by the Haitian Academy Award. His poems have been published in several anthologies, including the Anthologie de Poésie Haïtienne Contemporaine, published in Paris by Édition du Seuil – Collection Points. Additionally, Fred is the director of a collection of poetry called L’immortel put together by JEBCA Editions in Boston.

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