How to Join

You may participate in NROTC at Boston University at one of three levels. Contact our Recruiting Officer to discuss these three options:

  • Scholarship Midshipman: You must apply and be awarded a Navy or Marine Corps 3-year or 4-year scholarship. You will receive: (1) full scholarship and financial benefits; (2) support and mentorship from active-duty military instructors; (3) full participation in the NROTC battalion; and (4) real military training for one month each summer. Read more information on qualification requirements.
  • College Program Midshipman: This level of participation is designed for any student who is interested in fully participating in NROTC but has not been awarded a full scholarship. You will enjoy the same benefits as Scholarship Midshipmen in exception to the financial benefits and summer training (except for summer training between junior and senior year). You will still receive uniforms, regular mentorship from military officers, and will fully participate in battalion organization and activities. Read more information on the College Program Midshipman program.
  • Naval Science Student: This level of participation is designed for students who are interested in taking NROTC courses but prefer limited participation in battalion activities. You will receive no financial benefits, uniforms, or summer military training. You will, however, be able to participate in most battalion activities while you learn more about the unit and the military.