College Program Midshipman

Four Year College Program (Basic Course)

The NROTC Unit Boston University’s College Program exists for Boston University, Boston College, and Northeatern University students who wish to serve their country as commissioned officers. These students agree to complete certain Naval Science courses and one summer training period. During the first two years in the program (basic course), students have the status of civilians who have entered into a contract with the Navy. During this period they may hold concurrent status in the reserve component of any branch of the service. When selected for Advanced Standing, they enlist in the Naval or Marine Corps Reserve prior to commencing the advanced course. In return, the Navy provides uniforms, Naval Science textbooks, and a subsistence allowance for a maximum of 20 months. The NROTC College Program student, upon graduation and completion of Naval Science requirements, is commissioned as an Ensign in the Navy or as a Second Lieutenant in the Marine Corps.

No tuition benefit is paid as part of this program; however, successful completion of the program provides the immediate benefit of a commission in the Navy or Marine Corps and eligibility for the GI Bill to pay for graduate school following their service.