Current Cadets


For all other forms, please contact your MS Advisor or the HRA.


In order to enroll you must have:

  1. Your birth certificate (Must be certified)
  2. A copy of your Social Security card.
  3. A copy of your naturalization papers, if applicable
  4. Your selective Service registration number (males only)
  5. Immunization reports. These can be provided by your doctor
  6. A copy of your SAT/ACT scores
  7. Any college transcripts if you have completed college courses.
  8. Any DD Form 214s if you have prior service
  9. DA Form 3425./MEPS Physical/DODMERB Qualification letter or waiver. (If applicable)
  10. Statement providing dentist’s name, address, and phone number, and that they have your dental records on file.
  11. Blood Type Test

Payment of scholarships and incentives will be done through the GoArmyEd website.  Use this guide to assist you in this process.  GoArmyEd for Army ROTC Cadets – 7NOV18