This is a repository of sponsored award and proposal reports and independent auditor’s reports for Boston University. You can also find links to the SAPBoston University’s financial system Business Warehouse and instructions for creating your own, real-time reports of sponsored activity.

Sponsored Research Reports

These reports are available to any member of the BU community. Simply enter your Kerberos user ID and password to log in and download them. These are management reports prepared by Sponsored Programs (SPSponsored Programs (SP) is the coordinating office for all p...) Pre Award and SP Post Award for proposal, award and expenditure activity for our entire sponsored programs portfolio at both a summary and detailed level.

Strategic Indicators (SP Pre and Post metrics and executive dashboards)

Award and Proposal Five Year Trends

Fiscal Year 2022 Reports

Fiscal Year 2021 Reports

Fiscal Year 2020 Reports

Fiscal Year 2019 Reports

Fiscal Year 2018 Reports

Fiscal Year 2017 Reports

Fiscal Year 2016 Reports

Fiscal Year 2015 Reports

Fiscal Year 2014 Reports

Fiscal Year 2013 Reports

If you would like to be notified when new reports are published, please contact us at

Business Warehouse Reporting

Please log in to BUworks Central to access data relevant to your day to day grant management tasks. User Guides and “How To” Documents are available to help you understand the terminology and basic navigation.

My Grant Expenses: Now Available for Principal Investigators

My Grant Expenses is a reporting tool developed specifically to provide Principal Investigators with a consolidated, easy-to-access view of budget and expenditure data for grants in their portfolios.

Uniform Guidance Audits (formerly A-133 Reports)

These reports are publicly available. They are independent auditor’s reports as required by OMB Circular A-133 and Government Auditing Standards and Related Information. View the Uniform Guidance Audits.

Valid/Invalid Internal Orders for Cost Recovery Journal Entries

The Valid/Invalid Internal Orders for Cost Recovery Journal Entries report (download) provides a listing of valid/invalid internal order numbers related to grants and contracts to BU in order to assist with the preparation and approval of cost recovery journal entries. This report is specific to internal orders that begin with 950xxxxxxx or 955xxxxxxx only. Please copy/paste the internal order(s) into the space provided and enter the month end date of when expenses occurred and you will be advised whether or not the internal order is appropriate for the expense recovery.

Please note that while this workbook is accurate to date, status is subject to change based on day to day grant activity. This report is updated on a monthly basis by Sponsored Programs Post Award. If you have any questions or if you would like to be notified monthly when the report is published, please contact SP Post Award at