Sponsored Research Reports

These reports are available to any member of the BU community via the Sponsored Programs Research Reporting SharePoint. Simply enter your Kerberos user ID and password to log into Microsoft online to explore and download them. These are management reports prepared by Sponsored Programs (SPSponsored Programs (SP) is the coordinating office for all p...) Pre-Award and SP Post-Award for proposal, award and expenditure activity for our entire sponsored programs portfolio at both a summary and detailed level.

Sponsored Research Reports


If you would like to be notified when new reports are published, please contact us at rosamail@bu.edu.

The SharePoint also hosts Strategic Indicators (metrics and executive dashboards for SP Pre- and Post-Award).

Any member of the BU community can also view the Sponsored Programs Award and Proposal Five Year Trends.

If you are looking for Valid/Invalid IO Numbers, please visit Monitoring Expenditures.