In most cases, Sponsored Programs is the only office authorized to submit proposals on behalf of BU. The purpose of our proposal review is twofold: to confirm that the applicant meets all of the sponsor’s requirements and to ensure that the proposal complies with University policies and procedures for sponsored activity.

To conduct a timely and thoughtful review, Sponsored Programs requires that investigators and their departmental administrators supply a complete proposal package, including all administrative components, five business days prior to the sponsor’s deadline. All technical components are required at least three business days beforehand. These internal deadlines allow for a thorough review and adequate time to make any necessary corrections, maximizing the chances for a proposal’s success. See Proposal Submission Policy for details.

Proposal Package for Submission to Sponsored Programs

The proposal package should include the following for all proposals:

Five Business Days Prior to Sponsor Deadline:

  • A completed Boston University Proposal Summary form signed by the investigator and appropriate administrators at the department, center, and college levels.
  • A copy of the sponsor’s proposal guidelines or program solicitation number.
  • Sponsor forms/application package with all administrative information completed, biosketches (if applicable),  all subaward documents (if applicable), facility/equipment pages (if applicable), project summary, and draft technical narrative.
  • The final budget and budget justification in the format required by the sponsor.
    • Note: in certain circumstances, Sponsored Programs may ask for supporting budget documentation, if the sponsor’s format is not consistent with institutional practice.

Three Business Days Prior to Sponsor Deadline:

  • Final Technical Components: i.e. Final Narrative, Abstract, Bibliography, Specific Aims, Milestones, etc.

If applicable, the proposal package should also include:

Research Administrator Proposal Review Process

Check out the Research Administrator Proposal Review Process.