What are the differences between Biosafety and Biosecurity

Biosafety – Ensuring safe handling of pathogens to limit accidental exposure to laboratory workers, the community and the environment

Biosecurity – Ensuring that pathogens or new technologies in the biological sciences are not used for nefarious reasons

Dual Use Research of Concern (DURC) is a Biosecurity Issue



Non-biological Research May be DURC

Federal Policy on DURC Effective Sept 24, 2015



7 Categories of Research that may be DURC

  1. Enhances the harmful consequences of a biological agent or toxin;
  2. Disrupts the immunity or the effectiveness of an immunization without clinical and/or agricultural justification;
  3. Confers to a biological agent or toxin, resistance to clinically and/or agriculturally useful prophylactic or therapeutic interventions against that agent or toxin or facilitate their ability to evade detection methodologies;
  4. Increases the stability, transmissibility, or the ability to disseminate a biological agent or toxin;
  5. Alters the host range or tropism of a biological agent or toxin;
  6. Enhances the susceptibility of a host population; or
  7. Generates a novel pathogenic agent or toxin or reconstitute an eradicated or extinct biological agent included in the list of tier 1 agents.

DURC Review Process

DURC Review Process
DURC Review Process



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DURC Policy