Equity Conversations Between PIs and Graduate Students

Negotiating an Equity Split with Your PI It can be the most fraught of conversations. A graduate student working on research that shows commercial promise seeks a sit-down with his or her principal investigator (PI) about starting a company. How does that grad student or post-doc broach the topic of a university spin-out – and, […]

Grant Writing – The Commercialization Plan

Grant Writing – The Commercialization Plan Learn how to compose an outline and draft the content for a Commercialization Plan in a grant proposal. We will start with a discussion. First, we will listen to your idea to understand the core of your invention or discovery. We’ll then want to hear about the problem you […]

Vivek Pandit

Vivek joined Boston University in 2021 to lead research collaboration efforts with industry within the interdisciplinary Computing and Data Sciences domain. As part of the Industry Engagement office, his primary role is to identify opportunities for collaboration among industry innovators and BU faculty in areas of shared interest – and to nurture, support, and help […]

BU Innovator of the Year’s Advice for Aspiring Academic Entrepreneurs? Start by Listening

Dr. Selim Ünlü, Professor of Electrical & Computer Engineering (ENG), was named 2021 BU Innovator of the Year for his pioneering work developing devices and technologies that help find security flaws in the construction of computer chips and detect viral pathogens in medical samples. Ünlü holds 18 patents and has helped launch three companies, all […]

Technology Disclosure Form

Share an Idea Don’t have time to submit a full disclosure? Not quite ready to take that step? Share an idea or reach out to our office using our quick form. Submit a Disclosure BU inventors are encouraged to submit a Technology Disclosure Form for each of their proprietary ideas or technologies. Completing this short […]

Journey to Impact: Advice and Entrepreneurship

An entrepreneur friend called me recently to ask for my advice. She started a company two years ago, on her own. It’s growing, fast. She needs cash to meet demand. She found a group of Angel investors, knowledgeable in her field and wanting to invest $XXX,000. They want YY% of the company, but she wants to give away only ZZ% of the company (where Z

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