Scheduling Your Appointment

To make an appointment at the BU Physical Therapy Center:

Step 1: Obtain Prescription

Regardless of your insurance plan, you will need a prescription for physical therapy from your primary care or referring physician to be seen at the BU Physical Therapy Center due to the terms of our Massachusetts Department of Public Health licensing.

Step 2: Get Registered

Once you have obtained your prescription for physical therapy, call our office staff at 617-358-3700 to register as a patient with us.

We will ask you to provide us with your demographic and insurance information during this call. For more information on what insurance we accept, please visit the BU Physical Therapy Insurance page.

Step 3: Get Scheduled

After you are registered, we can begin scheduling your physical therapy appointments.

We recommend scheduling three weeks of appointments during this initial phone call. We typically schedule two appointments per week. You will be scheduled with the same physical therapist for all of your appointments.