The following is a listing of courses offered in the Department of Psychological & Brain Sciences and related departments. Click on the course number for further details and course availability. Please be aware that not all courses are available every semester and the department’s course offerings may change unexpectedly. We strive to keep this listing as accurate as possible. The most up-to-date course listing can always be found under the “University Class Schedule” section of the Student Link and in the CAS Bulletin website.

Course Number Course Name
PS 101 General Psychology
PS 211 Introduction to Experimental Design and Statistics
PS 212 Introduction to MATLAB Programming for Research in Psychological & Brain Sciences
PS 222 Perception and Behavior
PS 231 Physiological Psychology
PS 234 Psychology of Learning
PS 241 Developmental Psychology
PS 251 Psychology of Personality
PS 261 Social Psychology
PS 324 Experimental Psychology: Developmental
PS 325 Experimental Psychology: Personality
PS 326 Experimental Psychology: Social
PS 327 Experimental Psychology: Perception
PS 328 Experimental Psychology: Memory & Cognition
PS 329 Experimental Psychology: Cognitive Neuroscience
PS 332 Behavioral Medicine
PS 333 Drugs and Behavior
PS 336 Introduction to Cognitive Psychology
PS 337 Memory Systems of the Brain
PS 338 Neuropsychology
PS 339 Cognitive Neuroscience
PS 345 Developmental Disabilities
PS 354 Psychology and Criminal Justice
PS 361 Racism, Sexism, & Prejudice
PS 370 Psychology of the Family
PS 371 Psychopathology (formerly Abnormal Psychology)
PS 401 and 402 Senior Independent Work
PS 404 Senior Honors Seminar in Psychology and Neuroscience
PS 471 Special Topics in Psychopathology (formerly Psychopathology)
PS 472 Family Violence: Theories and Research
PS 473 Introduction to Clinical Psychology
PS 475 Counseling: Theory and Listening Techniques
PS 491 and 492 Directed Study in Psychology
PS 504 Trends in Contemporary Psychology
PS 520 Research Methods for Perception and Cognition
PS 521 Animal Models in Behavioral Neuroscience
PS 525 Cognitive Science
PS 528 Human Brain Mapping
PS 529 Neuroplasticity: Enabling the Brain to Heal Itself
PS 530 Neural Models of Memory Function
PS 531 Imaging and Manipulating Memories
PS 532 Neurobiology of Motivation, Decision Making, and Learning
PS 541 Social Development
PS 542 Child Development and Public Policy
PS 544 Developmental Neuropsychology
PS 545 Language Development
PS 546 Cognitive Development
PS 549 Developmental Psychopathology
PS 550 Childhood Adversity: Risk and Resilience
PS 554 Senior Seminar in Forensic Psychology
PS 560 Cross-Cultural Psychology
PS 561 The Psychology of Poverty, Wealth, and Economic Inequality