Academic Advising

All psychology majors are assigned a faculty advisor by Dr. Joanne Hebden Palfai, Director of Academic Affairs/Director of Undergraduate Studies, (Rm. 149A). Advisors answer questions about requirements, procedures for registration and completion of the major. In addition, advisors discuss other issues with advisees including choice of courses, the structure and design of individuals’ majors, sources of help for various kinds of difficulties in the college community, long term career and educational plans, and opportunities for relevant research. The advising relationship is intended to enrich and personalize the experience of both faculty and students.

Freshmen will be sent an e-mail with the name and contact information of their advisors. Students can view their faculty advisor assignments under the Academic Advising section of the Student Link. If a student’s faculty advisor takes a leave or sabbatical and is not available for advising during a particular semester, the student will be sent an e-mail informing him or her of the new advisor’s name and contact information. Dr. Palfai will send an e-mail out to all majors well before the registration period each semester outlining the registration/advising process. Before scheduling an advising appointment, all new psychology majors (e.g., freshmen and transfer students) are required to attend a departmental orientation session conducted by Dr. Palfai. All new majors will be sent an e-mail before the registration period with specific information on these sessions. During each registration period, in the fall and spring, a sign-up sheet will be posted on the advisor’s door where students can sign up for advising appointments Some advisors may have students sign up online for advising appointments. Faculty advisors will notify their advisees if this is the case. If students are unable to make the appointment after signing up, they should inform the faculty advisor, as soon as possible, and reschedule the appointment. During the rest of the school year, students must contact their advisors via e-mail to schedule appointments.

Students who would like to change advisors should email The availability of time in the advisors’ schedules is an important consideration in these assignments