Applying to the DS Program

The deadline for submission of all materials to the Developmental Science PhD program is December 1. Applications must be submitted online (see the GRS Graduate Admissions website for the online application), and must include a personal statement, letters of recommendation, and transcripts. GRE scores are optional. Please note that you must enter the program name (DS) under specialization in the online application.

NOTE: GRE scores are optional for the DS program for this admissions cycle. Interviews will be conducted.

The personal statement is a very important part of the application and should include a summary of the research and career goals of the applicant that demonstrates a good fit with the mission, faculty, and research labs of the Developmental Science program. This personal statement should identify 1-3 faculty members whose labs you would be interested in joining. If you wish, you may reach out via email to faculty whose work interests you, but this is not required.

All applications are reviewed by members of the program Admissions Committee, who look for evidence of a strong academic record and interests in the core research areas of program faculty. A small number of applicants will be invited for a virtual interview day, usually scheduled in February.