M.A. in Psychology

Is an M.A. in Psychology right for you?

The MA Program satisfies the interests of those who wish to undertake a rigorous course of study that leads to the master’s degree. The program is appropriate both for students with a limited background in psychology and those who hold an undergraduate degree in the field. Some students use the program as a means to clarify their interest in professional psychology; others use it as a first step toward a doctoral program. Many of our graduates have applied their advanced training in psychology to work in as researchers, mental health workers, administrators, and managers. Others have continued with doctoral studies in psychology or related fields.

The MA Program in Psychology attracts a widely diverse student body; in our recent classes, students have come from academic backgrounds ranging from the humanities to the physical sciences. It also attracts a large number of students from abroad as well as from various regions of the country. Boston University offers a supportive and stimulating environment for study.

It should be noted that the program is not intended to qualify students for the independent practice of professional psychology. Advanced courses in clinical psychology are available to MA students by special permission. Successful completion of the program, however, can satisfy most of the non-clinical substantive content requirements specified by the Council for the National Register of Health Service Providers in Psychology.