Broadcast Studio Guidelines

Note: The BU Medical Campus also has a broadcast studio. For more information on scheduling and use, please contact Gina DiGravio at 617-358-7838.

Basic studio knowledge:

  • The broadcast studio on the 8th floor of 1 Silber Way is accessible by PR staff with their BU ID keycard.
  • The studio is there to allow professors to go live on camera and on the radio on short notice or to record an interview in a professional setting.
  • The studio allows for both video and radio broadcasting:
    • Television: VideoLink, a video broadcasting company, operates our house lights, camera, and microphone remotely from their studio in Newton.
    • Radio: We use IP Codec technology for point-to-point audio connection that allows subject to converse from the studio to reporters in any location for radio interviews, broadcasts and podcasts.

Uses for the studio:

In recent years, the studio has taken on multiple roles in addition to basic broadcasting:

Media training

  • If a professor has a paper or study coming out that is expected to receive media coverage, we can bring them into the studio to prep for interviews.
  • If there is a need to prepare for a television interview, we can film them sitting in the studio, under the house lights, to make it feel real. We will observe them during this practice interview, and offer tips and recommendations, as needed. Additionally, we will record the professor and share the clip.
  • If a professor would like to prep for a radio interview, we can do a practice interview and provide an audio recording.

Facebook Live

  • We’ve also hosted Facebook Live broadcasts in the studio. It provides a soundproof room for broadcasting with a professional, BU-branded backdrop.

How to book the studio:

  • Call a member of the PR staff (x 3-2240) or email the office at

What to ask producers when they call asking for a professor to go on their program:

  • Is it a television interview or a radio interview?
  • Will the interview be live or taped?
  • Have you confirmed with the professor?
  • If it is during off-hours, can the professor go to the television/radio studio of the news outlet?