Our Mission

Fueled by student-led innovation, we translate classroom knowledge to real-world public relations application. Boston University’s cutting-edge public relations curriculum empowers us to deliver measurable results and craft strategic communications for brands nationwide.

Our Vision

To combine over four decades of industry-leading experience with the hunger and the hustle of 21st century students to elevate the public relations profession and to foster a global reputation.

Our Core Values

PRLab: Performance. Reliability. Leadership. Adaptability. Balance.


Drawing from the Page Principles of the Arthur W. Page Society, we believe that organizations cannot achieve their full potentials without leveraging the public relations function. To that end, we take our public relations performance with the utmost seriousness, pledging to do all that we can to meet and exceed client expectations. We’re committed to achieving meaningful and measurable results for our clients.


We do what we say we’re going to do. By aligning our actions with our words, we ensure exceptional client service through our consistency. We foster trust among and between account teams and clients.


We foster a supportive, inclusive learning environment that centers leadership development at the forefront. In this way, we empower our executive board and our staff to leverage their time and their talents to advance PRLab and its mission. Whether you’re an account executive or a member of our executive board, your contributions are essential in sustaining PRLab’s 41-year history of student-led ingenuity.


We’re alert and agile. We’re aware of the world around us, and how current events impact clients’ PR needs and objectives. To that end, clients depend upon our capacity to alter plans and tweak tactics while maintaining the integrity of account strategy.


We prioritize quality assurance while juggling clients’ evolving public relations needs and objectives. We pride ourselves on our ability to leverage paid, earned, shared, and owned media in tandem with one another to achieve meaningful and measurable results for our clients.

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