The Top Five Moments from PRoBono2017

By Katie Arbige, Director at PRLab

Last Friday, Nov. 3, PRLab held our annual PRoBono event where Boston University students worked on deliverables for six non-profits around Boston. Students worked for 18 hours throughout the night, and presented their work to the clients the next morning. Each client team worked extremely hard all through the night and was able to create thoughtful plans for their clients. You can’t get through 18 hours of straight work without a little fun though. So, here are my top five moments from PRoBono2017.

  1. Over 130 volunteers donated their time.

Not only did we surpass last year’s total by a large amount, we also surpassed our own goal of 115 volunteers for this year’s event. Seeing this many people walk around the hallways of COM all night was a great reminder as to just how amazing and selfless the BU community is.


(Source: Oscars Giphy, 2016)

  1. Dexter.

Dexter (the dog) may arguably be the happiest dog I have met in Boston. Dexter was PRoBono’s spirit animal all throughout the night. From the moment he wagged into COM to the moment he left, Dexter had his energy and his spirits high. This pup got himself so excited for PRoBono he couldn’t even fall asleep. Dexter was easily the most spirited volunteer of the night. How did we keep students motivated during the eleventh hour? Dexter. How did we help students relax throughout the night? Dexter. How did we clean up spilled food? Dexter. What can we learn from this? Always tie puppies into your event. The media loves puppies too.

giphy (1)

(Source: Puppy vs Pumpkin, Giphy, 2014)

  1. Chair races.

We spent months working hard to plan PRoBono2017. Then, all of a sudden, the hard work was over. We were finally able to enjoy the event we put so much time and energy into planning. How did we choose to celebrate? Obviously we celebrated by racing chairs in the hallways of COM and it was just as fun as you would expect. Work hard, play harder. If you’re interested to know who won, watch the video linked at the bottom.


(Source: Chair Racing, Giphy, 2014)

  1. We donated over $29,000 worth of work.

The BU community is amazing. This number is astonishing, and every student and volunteer that participated in the event should be proud of the work they accomplished. More importantly than this number, the clients all walked away from this event appreciative, grateful, and with a smile on their faces.


(Source: Giphy, 2015)

  1. Amy and JJ.

Professor Shanler and Professor Joseph don’t always get the credit they deserve because much of what they do is behind the scenes. These are two of the most thoughtful and caring professors at BU. Not only did they go out of their way to make sure we had everything we needed for the event, they always do everything in their power to ensure that we are enjoying what we do, and to make PRLab an amazing experience for everyone who joins. We could not be more grateful for these two professors


This blog only covered my top-five moments, but luckily my GoPro was able to capture much more throughout the night. If you want to see the five moments from above (and more) come to life, check out the video below.