Maxwell Professor of United States Citizenship

Elizabeth F. Cohen is the Maxwell Professor of United States Citizenship in the Department of Political Science at Boston University and Associate Editor of the American Journal of Political Science. She received a BA from Swarthmore College and a Ph.D. from Yale University. She has been a visiting scholar at the Princeton University Center for Human Values, Russell Sage Foundation and the Wagner School of Public Service, New York University.

Cohen is the author of four books: Illegal: How America’s Lawless Immigration Regime Threatens Us All (Basic Books, 2020); The Political Value of Time: Citizenship, Duration, and Democratic Justice (Cambridge University Press, 2018; winner of 2019 APSA Best Book in Migration and Citizenship); Semi-Citizenship in Democratic Politics (Cambridge University Press, 2009); and Citizenship (with Cyril Ghosh) (Polity Press, 2019). Her scholarly articles and reviews have appeared in venues such as Ethics in International Affairs, Citizenship StudiesPerspectives on PoliticsPolity, Ethics, and the Duke Journal of Constitutional Law and Public Policy.

In addition to her scholarly writing, Cohen has also published op-eds in newspapers such as the Washington Post, The Atlantic, Politico and El Pais.