Advanced Programs Poster Session

2019/2020 Advanced Programs Poster Session, Thursday, 5/14, 2-4:30pm EST

Please find the Department of Political Science’s annual (but first virtual) Advanced Programs Poster Session recording here.

Our 15 BA/MA and Honors Program students presented their research, answered questions, and celebrated the culmination of their theses.

Please find our 2020 Advanced Program Students’ Posters below.

Unequal Checks: A Systematic Analysis of Elite Political Reaction to Supreme Court Decisions – Christopher Alexander

Cosmopolitanism: Approaches, History, and Possibilities – Jarred Barlow

Some Kids Are Worth Less: The Neoliberal Politics of Indirect Social Spending – Bayley Connors

A Survey of Local Governments’ Economic Development Strategies in Declining Rural American Areas – Abigail Cutrumbes 

Voluntold: Tactics in US Army Enlisted Recruitment – Helen Houghton

The Fight to Vote: Voter Identification Laws and Their Impact on Voter Turnout During the 2014, 2016, and 2018 Elections – Benjamin Levy

Religion and Violence in Societies: Do Individuals Use Religion as a Tool to Perpetrate Violence?  – Margaret Lohrer

Snowed In: The Effects of Inclement Weather Closures on AP Exam Performance – Macella Molenari

A Roadmap to Nomination: The Predictive Power of US Attorney Short Lists – Isabella Parker

Migrant Political Transnationalism: A Socio-Political Analysis of the Electoral Behavior of Brazilian Expats – Renata Nunes

The Politics of Religious Community Service – Victoria Reim

Issue Ownership and Presidential Primary Elections A 2016 Case Study – Andrew Stern

Deciding on War and Peace: The Battle for British War Powers in the Post- Iraq Era – Vigunthaan Tharmarajah

Differently Disadvantaged: The Importance of Intersectional Nuance in Candidate Studies – Cory Willingham

Solicitor General’s Effect on State Court’s Deference to the Executive – Sarah Zweerink