Increasingly, our society has to navigate challenging socio-technical issues ranging from privacy and security to algorithmic fairness and bias in AI. These are issues that government, public, and private organizations must tackle collectively and ones that universities are best positioned to address through collaborative, interdisciplinary research. 

Another challenge shared by all these organizations, especially those in the public sector, is the lack of access to data science talent, given that our education systems do not expose students to opportunities that would prime them for pursuing careers in public interest technology. 

Beyond these common challenges, there are specific challenges that are unique to certain sectors. For example, nonprofit organizations, local governments, and community groups lack the human and technical infrastructures that allow them to leverage the large amounts of data they have or can access or make available to advance evidence-based advocacy and policymaking. Universities are well-positioned to be the laboratories for these organizations. 

Partnership for Impact will be designed to discuss challenges that are common and unique to each sector and will highlight the role of universities in mitigating these challenges.

The final Program agenda for this year is still under development, but here is a sneak peek of this year’s Program Tracks and Topics: