Affiliate Faculty (Professor – Bioinformatics, Biology)

Research Interests:

Dynamics and Evolution of Metabolism

Through a combination of mathematical modeling and experimental methods, we study the dynamics and evolution of metabolism in individual microbial species and in microbial ecosystems. We are interested both in the fundamental principles of biological organization, as well as in applications, especially in the areas of human disease, metabolic engineering, and environmental sustainability. Our work is currently focused mostly on the regulation of metabolism, natural and synthetic ecology of microbes, and epistasis and evolution

Selected Publications:

“Remnants of an Ancient Metabolism without Phosphate”, Joshua E. Goldford, Hyman Hartman, Temple F. Smith, Daniel Segrè, Cell (2017) 168, 1126–1134

“Metabolic Resource Allocation in Individual Microbes Determines Ecosystem Interactions and Spatial Dynamics”, William R. Harcombe*, William J. Riehl*, Ilija Dukovski, Brian R. Granger, Alex Betts, Alex H. Lang, Gracia Bonilla, Amrita Kar, Nicholas Leiby, Pankaj Mehta, Christopher J. Marx, and Daniel Segrè, Cell Reports (2014) 7, 1–12, May 22.

“Flux imbalance analysis and the sensitivity of cellular growth to changes in metabolite pools”, Ed Reznik, Pankaj Mehta and Daniel Segre’, PLOS Computational Biology (2013), 9(8): e1003195.

“Environments that induce synthetic microbial ecosystems”, Niels Klitgord and Daniel Segre’, PLoS Computational Biology (2010), 6(11): e1001002.

“Signatures of Arithmetic Simplicity in Metabolic Network Architecture”William J. Riehl, Paul Krapivsky, Sidney Redner and Daniel Segre’, PLoS Computational Biology (2010), 6(4): e1000725. doi:10.1371/journal.pcbi.1000725.

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