Affiliate Faculty (Professor – ENG/ME)

Research Interests:

Fabrication and Packaging of Optical and Electronic Devices

My experience is in fabrication and packaging of optical and electronic devices. I am currently trying to tackle challenging problems involving the novel optical devices that will be required for future exabit networks. In addition to exploring prototype devices and packages that exploit the nanometer control offered by additive manufacturing using high-resolution 3D printing, I expect to take advantage of the excellent central facilities available through my affiliations with the Division of Materials Science and the Photonics Center. More recently I am working to integrate both photonics and electronics in silicon using a commercial CMOS fabrication facility.

Selected Publications:

“Demonstration of A Tunable Microwave-Photonic Notch Filter Using Low Loss Silicon Ring Resonators”, M. S. Rasras, K.Y. Tu, D. M. Gill, S. S. Patel, Y. K. Chen, A. E. White, A. Pomerene, D. Carothers, J. Beattie, M. Beals, J. Michel, and L. C. Kimerling, J. Lightw. Tech. 27, 2105-2110 (2009).

“CMOS Compatible Si-Ring Assisted Mach-Zehnder Interferometer with Internal Bandwidth Equalization”, Douglas M. Gill, Sanjay S. Patel, Mahmoud Rasras, Kun-Yii Tu, Alice E. White, Young-Kai Chen, Andrew Pomerene, Daniel Carothers, Robert Kamocsai, Craig Hill, James Beattie, Journal of Selected Topics in Quantum Electronics on Silicon Photonics 16, 45-52 (2010).

“Silicon RF-Photonic Filter and Down-Converter”, K. Y. Tu, M. S. Rasras, D. M. Gill, S. S. Patel, Y. K. Chen, A. E. White, A. Pomerene, D. Carothers, and J. Beattie, M. Beals, J. Michel, and L. C. Kimerling; J. of Lightw. Tech. 28, 3019-3028 (2010).

“A Micro-Scale Printable Nanoclip for Electrical Stimulation and Recording in Small Nerves”, Charles A. Lissandrello, Winthrop F. Gillis, Jun Shen, Ben W. Pearre, Flavia Vitale, Matteo Pasquali, Bradley J. Holinski, Daniel J. Chew, Alice E. White, and Timothy J. Gardner; accepted for publication in the Journal of Neural Engineering (Jan. 2017).

“Carbon Fiber on Polyimide Electrodes”, W. F. Gillis, C. A. Lissandrello, J. Shen, B. Pearre, F. Deku, S. Cogan, B. J. Holinski, D. J. Chew, A. E. White, and T. J. Gardner; submitted to the Journal of Neural Engineering (June 2017).

For a full list of publications, please see the attached CV