About the Office

About the Office

The BU Office of the Ombuds is a confidential, independent, and impartial office where any member of the BU Community may seek assistance addressing concerns related to life, work, or study at BU.

That assistance may be as simple as locating the right resource at BU. More often, however, ombuds assist with highly sensitive, often complex issues, for which there is no ready-made or simple solution. 

Because ombuds work is confidential and off-the-record contacting us can be a good first step when you don’t know where to turn for help.

The Office is a purely voluntary resource. No one is required to use it, but those who do will be understood to have agreed to respect and abide by the principles on which it was created and not to call the Ombuds to testify with respect to confidential communications in formal or legal proceedings.

The Office is staffed by Ombuds Francine Montemurro who acts as BU’s designated third-party neutrals, and practice in accordance with the International Ombudsman Association Code of Ethics and Standards of Practice.

Boston University Office of the Ombuds Charter

In the course of communication with the Ombuds, some visitors to the Office choose to give the Ombuds permission to take action that would disclose their identity, while others ask that no action be taken if there is a risk of disclosure.  You may choose to  contact the Ombuds anonymously. 

The ombuds will respect the visitor’s choice regarding disclosure, except when the ombuds determines there is an imminent risk of serious harm.

While the ombuds may take a variety of steps towards addressing concerns, the Office provides informal assistance only. The Office is not authorized to receive notice of claims against Boston University and does not make decisions or determine policy for the University. Formal actions are the purview of other offices.