Evaluating the Sensitivity and Responsiveness of the SCI-QOL CATs

The SCI-QOL measurement system was developed over the last 5 years with funding from NIDRR and NIH to develop a multifaceted system of measuring patient reported outcomes across a wide variety of functioning specifically targeted for individuals with SCI.  In order to fully utilize the SCI-QOL measurement system, additional data on the sensitivity and responsiveness to change of the item banks are needed.  The data yielded by this modular project would allow researchers greater confidence to include the SCI-QOL item banks in intervention research, to use in clinical settings, and even to include as potential variables within the SCIMS database.

This module is a prospective, longitudinal study that will extend the SCI-QOL instrument development work completed during the past 5 years and evaluate the validity, sensitivity, and responsiveness to change of the SCI-QOL measurement system.  In addition to examining the sensitivity of the scales to detect change, this module will examine the trajectory of change of key areas of functioning across a diverse set of functions, including activity limitations, secondary medical complications, emotional functioning, and social participation.

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