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The New England Spinal Cord Injury Toolkit (NESCIT) is a collaborative effort between facilities providing spinal cord injury rehabilitation in New England.  This collaboration ensures patients throughout New England are receiving the same coordinated standard of care wherever they receive rehabilitation.  The NESCIT Network facilities include Boston University Health and Disability Research Institute, Gaylord Hospital, Hospital for Special Care, Northeast Rehabilitation Hospital, Spaulding Rehabilitation Hospital, Commonwealth Community Care (formerly BCMG), Braintree Rehabilitation Hospital, and Mount Sinai Rehabilitation Hospital/Saint Frances Hospital.

The NESCIT initiative has the potential to significantly impact patient care in areas such as Autonomic Dysreflexia, Skin Care, Bladder Management, Neurogenic Bowels, Sexual Health and Fertility, and Spasticity.  The New England Regional Spinal Cord Injury Center initiated the development of the Toolkit as part of the 2006-2011 grant cycle.  The intention was to create a resource for building capacity at facilities that may not treat patients with SCI often enough to have developed expertise.  The NESCIT aims to improve functional outcomes while decreasing the frequency of complications associated with paralysis, especially for vulnerable groups discharged to long-term care facilities.

For the 2011-2016 cycle, we plan to enhance the NESCIT by including a focus on underserved groups of particular interest in acute rehabilitation, notably minorities and individuals injured at an older age.  Also, suggested measures will be added to the Toolkit to assess its effects on patient well-being and health outcomes.  Once completed, the toolkit will be available for use by any person or facility that is interested in learning more about SCI care.  Contact information for technical assistance from NESCIT participating members will be available to any interested facility.

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