Consumer Education

Recognizing the importance of ongoing educational opportunities for individuals living with paralysis, NERSCIC developed the Stepping Forward- Staying Informed Consumer Education Program.  Since 2006, this dynamic education program offered a bi-monthly Evening Lecture Series and an Annual Consumer Research Conference for consumers, their friends and family members, and health care professionals. These educational programs provided the SCI community an opportunity to hear directly from leaders in the field of spinal cord injury research, rehabilitation, treatment, and quality of life.

In 2012, NERSCIC unveiled a new consumer education lecture and webcast program called Knowledge in Motion, in partnership with Spaulding Rehabilitation Hospital and modeled after the Stepping Forward- Staying Informed program pioneered by NERSCIC.

This lecture and webcast program continues to provide an educational opportunity where researchers and clinicians from around the country present their work in terms easily understood by those without a medical or scientific background.

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