​Education & Training

The mission of the NEIDL BSL-4 Training Program is to provide quality training at a facility built and operated with the highest attention to community and laboratory safety.

The training program is focused on all NEIDL research staff and faculty, as well as support personnel, and is divided into training tracks based on specific roles and responsibilities. This national resource trains individuals on how to work in and around high-containment facilities.

Current training consists of simulations of laboratory-specific training exercises and protocols from published research. The simulations are full-scale “walk-through” dress rehearsals of each step in the process that led to acquiring the data that resulted in the published research and are being conducted with BUMC researchers, technicians, laboratory and public safety personnel, and city, state, and federal safety regulatory agencies and more.

The training exercises are some of the most comprehensive biosafety laboratory trainings ever simulated in a laboratory environment combined with the most extensive participation of internal and external personnel in a facility of this kind in the country.​