NEIDL is a 192,000-square-foot, seven-story building that includes BSL-2, BSL-3, and BSL-4 containment spaces for emerging infectious diseases research.

The containment areas include instrumentation for various imaging modalities and immunological studies, as well as dedicated core research spaces that can be leveraged to support innovation in science. Other specialized facilities include secure insectary spaces for studying emerging diseases that are transmitted by insects such as mosquitos and ticks. The building also houses a BSL-4 training simulator, which provides hands-on training for NEIDL personnel and external collaborators under realistic but safe conditions.

The building is designed and built in accordance with the most stringent and protective specifications set by the government for conducting infectious diseases research. All critical building systems within NEIDL have redundant capacity to ensure safe and uninterrupted operation at all containment levels. Approximately 40% of the building is dedicated to the infrastructure and redundant support systems required for working safely in the BSL-3 and BSL-4 containment laboratories.