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Tiny, Decoy “Sponges” Attract Coronavirus Away from Lung Cells

Original article from The Brink by Kat J. McAlpine. June 18, 2020 Imagine if scientists could stop the coronavirus infection in its tracks simply by diverting its attention away from living lung cells? A new therapeutic countermeasure, announced in a Nano Letters study by researchers from Boston University’s National Emerging Infectious... More

Lighting firm Signify says UV light breaks down Coronavirus particles in seconds

Original article from CNBC by Sam Shead. June 17, 2020 Lighting firm Signify says one of its ultraviolet lights can “degrade” the coronavirus in a matter of seconds. The world’s biggest lighting maker tested its latest technology with researchers at Boston University and found that the exposure of the virus to UV... More

Signify: UV Light Could Be Gamechanger in Virus Fight

Original article from Bloomberg. June 17, 2020 Signify's new UV-C technology has been validated through tests by the National Emerging Infectious Diseases Laboratories at Boston University, says Signify chief executive Eric Rondolat. Rondolat tells Daybreak Europe's Caroline Hepker and Roger Hearing that while UV light is not curative, it can clean... More

In It Together: Interview with Dr. Davey

Original article from WGBH by Arun Rath. June 2, 2020 Host Arun Rath spoke with Dr. Chris Gill from Boston University's School of Public Health about weighing risk when it comes to transmission of the coronavirus and resuming daily activities. The conversation is held in the context of recent protests across... More

Scientists put survivors’ blood plasma to the test

Original article from Science Magazine by Kai Kupferschmidt. May 29, 2020 On 13 March, with the COVID-19 pandemic exploding and drugs elusive, Arturo Casadevall published what he considers “maybe the most important paper” of his long career. In The Journal of Clinical Investigation, the infectious disease specialist at Johns Hopkins University... More

Scientists say the best treatment for COVID-19 may be a cocktail of medicines

Original article from The Boston Globe by Jonathan Saltzman. May 14, 2020 More than a dozen drug firms in Massachusetts are urgently searching for a medicine to treat COVID-19, but the most potent therapy may not end up being a single medication. Instead, medical experts say, the most effective way to... More

BU Scientists Awarded $1.9 Million to Accelerate Coronavirus Research

Original article from The Brink by Kat J. McAlpine. May 13, 2020 Since the novel and fast-spreading SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus first upended life in the United States and around the world, scientists at Boston University’s National Emerging Infectious Diseases Laboratories (NEIDL) have dropped nearly every other research project to focus on understanding... More

Decoding COVID-19 (Video)

Original video from NOVA by PBS. May 13, 2020 Scientists race to understand and defeat the coronavirus behind the COVID-19 pandemic. The coronavirus SARS-CoV-2 has upended life as we know it in a matter of mere months. But at the same time, an unprecedented global effort to understand and contain the virus—and... More

Will antibody testing help get people back to work?

Original article from PBS News Hour by Simon Ostrovsky. April 18, 2020 As the battle between the federal government and states heats up over reopening the economy, antibody testing is being touted as one way to get people back to work. But some researchers at the forefront of developing an accurate... More