Reserve-Reference (High Use)

Listed below is a selected list of books on the Reserve-Reference (High Use) shelves at the Pardee Services Desk.  These books are arranged by call number.


General Reference

Sports Market Place Directory X HD9992.U5 S667
Occupational Outlook Handbook X HF5381 .F495 2018
Statesman’s Yearbook X JA51 .E64

Industry Information

Manufacturing & Distribution USA X HD9723 .M36 2017 (Vol. 1-3)
Standard Industrial Classification Manual X HF1042 .A55 1987
North American Industry Classification System X HF1042 .A55 (2012, 2017)
How Products are Made : An Illustrated Guide to Product Manufacturing X TS146 .H67
Restaurant Industry Forecast X TX943 .N38 (2012-2016, 2017 & 2019)


The CRB Commodity Yearbook X HF1041 .F39 (2015-2017)
SBBI Yearbook: Stocks, Bonds, Bills, and Inflation X HG 4915 I3623 (2017, 2018)

Marketing & Advertising

The DMA Response Rate Report X HF5415 .D53
Statistical Fact Book X HF5415.126 F33
Market Share Reporter X HF5415.2 M37
Lifestyle Market Analyst X HF5415.33 .U6 L54
Marketer’s Guide to Media X HF5826.5 .M45

Demographics/Market Segments:

Who’s Buying for Travel X G155 U6 .W65
Generation X  X HC110 .C6 M544
Household Spending: Who Spends How Much on What X HC110 .C6 O334
Best Customers X HC110 .C6 R87
Who’s Buying by Age X HC110 .C6 W47
Who’s Buying: Executive Summary of Household Spending X HC110 .C6 W56
Who’s Buying Groceries X HD9321.4 .W46
Who’s Buying Alcoholic and Nonalcoholic Beverages X HD9348 .U5 W46
Who’s Buying Transportation X HD9710 .U5 W46
Who’s Buying Household Furnishings, Services and Supplies X HD9773 .U52 W4
Who’s Buying Apparel X HD9940 U3 W56
Who’s Buying Information and Consumer Electronics X HE7601 .W46
The Millennials X HN60 M56
Baby Boom X HN60 .R868
American Attitudes: Who Thinks What about the Issues That Shape Our Lives X HN90 . P8 M58
Older Americans: A Changing Market X HQ1064 .U5 A643
American Men: Who They Are & How They Live X HQ1090.3 .A457
American Women: Who They Are & How They Live X HQ1421 .A486
Who’s Buying Health Care X RA410.53 .W46
Who’s Buying for Pets X SF414.7 .W46
Who’s Buying at Restaurants and Carry-Outs X TX945 .W48

Advertising Age Supplements:

Search Marketing Fact Pack X HF5415. 1264 S42
Consumers on the Go  X HF5415.1265 .C64
Digital Marketing & Media Fact Pack X HF5415.1265 D53
Hispanic Fact Pack X HF5415.127 H576
Retail Marketing X HF5429.3 .A48
Mobile Fact Pack X HF5548.34 .A48
Marketing Fact Pack X HF5801 A2764
Year in AI Fact Pack X HF5801 .A27643
B-to-B Marketing Fact Pack X HF5801.B2
Agency Preview Guide X HF5801 F301
Fact Pack: Annual Guide to Advertising & Marketing X HF5801 F302
Leading National Advertisers Fact Pack X HF5813.U6 T96

Marketing Scales

Handbook of Marketing Scales X HF5415.3 .B323
Marketing Scales Handbook X HF5415.3 .B785 (Vol. 1-4 1992, Vol.5 2009, Vol.6 2012, Vol.7 2013)
Volume 8 2015 (ebook only, available through BU Libraries Search), Volume 9 2017 (ebook only, available through BU Libraries Search), Volume 10  2019 (ebook only, available through BU Libraries Search)


RMA Annual Statement Studies X HC110 .I6 F57  (2010/11)
Industry Norms and Key Business Ratios X HD2771 .I53  (2017, 2018, 2019)
IRS Corporate Financial Ratios X HF5681 .R25 I72 2016
Almanac of Business and Industrial Financial Ratios X HF5681 .R25 T68  2017


Statistical Abstract of the United States X HA202 .E78 2018