The Initiative on Cities has supported work across disciplines on the topic of Boston. This global city is represented and investigated in publications ranging from fiscal responsibility to youth empowerment.

2022 Publications

On the Use of ‘Cool Roofs’ to Reduce Residential Heat Exposure Disparities in Boston, MA
Ian Smith, Katharine Lusk, and Lucy Hutyra
BU Initiative on Cities: White Paper.
Themes: Boston, Heat Resilience, Inequality

2022 Greater Boston Housing Report Card
Katherine Levine Einstein and Maxwell Palmer
The Boston Foundation: Report.
Themes: Subsidized Housing, Markets, Accessibility

Gaps and opportunities: supporting Boston’s BIPOC small businesses
David Glick, Katharine Lusk, Stacy Fox, Madeline Webster, and Chenyue Lei
BU Initiative on Cities: Report.
Themes: Boston’s Ecosystem, Racial Inequity, Capital Access, City Government 

2021 Publications

What the Next Mayor Needs to Do about Boston’s Transportation Crisis
Justin de Benedictis-Kessner and Kathryn Carlson
Boston Area Research Initiative: White Paper.
Themes: Transportation, Climate Change, Economic Recovery, Racial Inequity

Advancing Public Safety In Boston an Agenda For The Next Mayor
Jack McDevitt and Janice Iwama
Boston Area Research Initiative: White Paper.
Themes: Policing, Accountability, Community Relations

How The Next Mayor Can Accelerate Boston’s Equitable Clean Energy Transition
Rouwenna Altemose, Jacquie Ashmore, Cutler Cleveland, Jeannie Ramey, Gabe Shapiro, Mary Wambui, and Jen Stevenson Zepeda
Boston Area Research Initiative: White Paper.
Themes: Clean Energy, Climate Change Mitigation

What the Next Mayor of Boston Needs to Do about the Affordable Housing Crisis
Keren Mertens Horn and Meghan Elizabeth Kallman
Boston Area Research Initiative: White Paper.
Themes: Housing, Pandemic, Economic Recovery

What Makes Boston a “Global” City?
James O’Connell
BU Initiative on Cities. Working Paper.
Themes: Globalization, Boston, Economic Inequality

2017 Publications

Youth Lead the Change: Participatory Budgeting Boston
Astraea Augsberger, Mary Collins, Meaghan Dougher, Whitney Gecker, and Katharine Lusk
BU Initiative on Cities. Report.
Themes: Youth Engagement, Local Government, Participatory Budgeting

2016 Publications

Engaging Youth in Local Government: Lessons from the Boston Region
Astraea Augsberger, Mary Collins, Shari Davis, Whitney Gecker, Katharine Lusk, and Francesco Tena
BU Initiative on Cities. White Paper.
Themes: Youth Engagement, Local Government

2014 Publications

The One Fund Boston: Lessons for Leaders
Joshua Corie Yesnowitz
BU Initiative on Cities. White Paper.
Themes: Fundraising, Mass Trauma, Boston Marathon Bombing

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