Wendy Heiger-Bernays

Associate Professor, Environmental Health, School of Public Health

(617) 638-4620

Wendy Heiger-Bernays’s interests center on understanding how environmental hazards adversely affect people’s health and how risks associated with these exposures can be quantified and decreased. As part of the Research Translation Core of the Boston University Superfund Research Program, she works with the scientific projects leads and regulatory environmental and health organization to use the science to inform policy and practice. She collaborates with other researchers to understand patterns of migration of contaminants in municipal compost and soils in urban gardens and risks associated with these agents, with the objective of translating this research into cost-effective best practices. Wendy also serves on technical advisory committees for toxicological and environmental health issues at both the Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection and the US Environmental Protection Agency and as Chair of her local board of health.

Heiger-Bernays is co-leading a project with Jessica Leibler that seeks to coordinate and review urban policies on rodent and pest management in large U.S. cites, including Boston. This project is funded with a grant from the Initiative.

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