Register for an Online Hub Course in Summer 2021

Fourteen BU Hub online courses are available through BU Summer Term! These specially designed, online, fully remote courses are now open for registration for Summer 2021, and include the following Hub courses:

  • CAS CS 111: Introduction to Computer Science 1
  • CAS EC 101: Introductory Microeconomic Analysis
  • CAS EC 102: Introductory Macroeconomic Analysis
  • CAS LC 111: First-Semester Chinese
  • CAS LC 112: Second-Semester Chinese
  • CAS LS 111: First-Semester Spanish
  • CAS LS 112: Second-Semester Spanish
  • CAS MA 113: Elementary Statistics
  • CAS MA 121: Calculus for the Life and Social Sciences I
  • CAS PH 100: Introduction to Philosophy
  • CAS PH 155: Politics and Philosophy
  • CAS PS 101: General Psychology
  • CAS SO 100: Principles in Sociology
  • SED LS 560: Introduction to Language and Language Acquisition

As a special provision of these summer online BU courses, BU financial aid may be available to BU need-based scholarship recipients for any of these courses. For more information, please contact BU Financial Assistance at 617-353-2965 or

To learn more about these exciting online BU courses that fulfill Hub requirements, visit the Summer Term website.