Title IX Resources

We recognize that problems of sexual harassment and gender discrimination are ubiquitous in society broadly and within higher education specifically, including here at BU. The university, Religion Department and the GPR are committed to addressing these issues when they arise, supporting those affected, and pursuing accountability.

GPR students may encounter Title IX-related issues both as individuals (students) and in their professional roles (TF’s). Please note that your rights and duties shift dependent on your position in the situation. 

Below please find a number of resources that you can access, as students or TF’s, in any matter pertaining to Title IX issues that may arise.

Resources for Students:



http://www.bu.edu/shs/sarp/ (Confidential)

https://www.bu.edu/shs/behavioral-medicine/ (Confidential)


Resources for Teaching Fellows:


https://www.bu.edu/ombuds/ (Confidential)

If you’re not sure how to proceed, you can review your training sources, or reach out to the professor of the course, our DGS (Prof. Anthony Petro), GPR Director (Prof. Adam Seligman), Department Chair (Prof. Kecia Ali), or our Title IX deputy coordinator, Carian Diaz, CAS Deputy Title IX Coordinator – Email: diazc@bu.edu Phone: (617) 353-6759.

Please be sure to read BU Sexual Misconduct Policy to understand your role as a responsible employee. Remember, the department and college is here to support you. Do not hesitate to reach out to any of the above resources