*These pages only apply to students admitted before 2017*

The Graduate Division of Religious Studies offers MA and PhD degrees in religious studies. When applying for admission to the program, graduate students will choose an area of specialization within one of four tracks:

The guidelines for each track are meant to ensure that students are well-prepared to produce high quality academic work in their chosen areas of specialization while also remaining fully engaged in the broader trends in the study of religion most relevant to their work. Each track is guided by a group of faculty that includes, among others, members of the Religion Department and the School of Theology. These tracks, therefore, represent the ways in which the Division faculty members work together, in groups, to provide a meaningfully collaborative and collegial educational environment, and to foster excellence in religious studies.

The Division adheres to all Graduate School of Arts and Sciences policies and requirements as outlined in the opening pages of their Bulletin.

More information on the administrative and academic guidelines all GDRS students must abide by can be found in the GDRS Student Handbooks: PhD Handbook, Master’s Handbook