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Designing solutions for global health challenges

Drones. Robotics. 3D Printing. These have been buzz words in the scientific community for years now, but not so much in the field of Global Health – until now. The archipelago country of Vanuatu, remotely located in the South Pacific Ocean, is the “only country in the world to make its childhood vaccine program officially […]

From the field: Summer 2018 – flexibility in global health research

Having spent an entire semester preparing for our six weeks in Zanzibar, it seems impossible to believe that our time here is almost over. Over the past month I have been incredibly privileged to participate in research aimed at developing devices to positively impact global health. If I take anything away from this experience, it […]

From the field – Summer 2018: A Little Consideration for Others

As the weeks pass by in Stonetown- a place I can that has gradually become a second home for me- The more I’ve come to realize how inconsiderate  and judgmental we are as people. We go about our daily lives constantly concerned about our time, our goals, what we have to get done in a […]

From the field – Summer 2018: How resilience helps in capacity building

Zanzibar. More often than not, I lack the capacity to put into words all that I feel for this place. It is famous for its clear water and white sand beaches and picturesque views that leave you speechless. However, I believe that the people of Zanzibar are not talked about enough. There is so much […]

From the field – Summer 2018: Water and sanitation challenges in Zanzibar

There is no way to know where a project will go when it gets to Zanzibar. The water quality project started this summer focusing on collecting data about lead to create a device to test for it in wells. However, our research into lead contamination in water pivoted, providing us with the opportunity to explore […]

Is Societal Trust in Vaccines Eroding?

The development of vaccines has undoubtedly been one of the greatest achievements of the medical profession. Vaccines have collectively saved millions of lives and allowed a much-needed escape from many of the world’s deadliest infectious diseases. However, vaccines have been so effective in eliminating diseases that some now doubt their utility, believing that they now […]

How Bangladesh Drastically Cut its Newborn Death Rate

In a new report released by UNICEF this past week, the organization exposed the strikingly high newborn death rates worldwide; however, one country demonstrated remarkable progress over the past 28 years- and that country is Bangladesh. From 1990 till today, Bangladesh managed to slash its newborn death rate by two-thirds, from 64.2 per 1000 live […]

The Indirect Costs of Development

A significant portion of global health today focuses on less developed regions. A great deal of effort, time and resources are put into alleviating the hardship’s that come with a lack of resources sand enabling growth and development. The push for development and progress often tops government agendas, as it rightly should. Economic strides forward […]