Writing Assistance Sign Up Instructions


Schedule appointments through TutorTrac, the ERC’s scheduling system,(erctutor.bu.edu). To contact us about your appointment, please email us at wfellows@bu.edu. All communication concerning Writing Assistance should go through this address.

Scheduling An Appointment

Watch the Demonstration Video of how to make a Writing Assistance appointment on the TutorTrac Site.

Or, follow along with these step-by-step instructions:

  • Go to the TutorTrac website: https://erctutor.bu.edu/
  • Enter your BU login name in the User Name field and your Kerberos password in the Password field (similar to how you log into Student Link).
  • Select the “search for availabilities” option to the upper left of the TutorTrac screen.
  • Choose Writing Assistance in the “Center” drop-down menu.
  • Select Writing Assistance again in the “Section” drop-down menu.
  • You may adjust the parameters of your time availability by clicking on the days you are available and the time ranges you are free, but we recommend that you leave the range as is so the system generates the maximum number of availabilities.
  • Click the Search button at the bottom left.
  • Choose an opening that works for your schedule; click on the time and a new window will open.
  • Select the Reason for your appointment from the options listed.
  • In order to give the Writing Fellow a better idea of what you are having difficulties with, we strongly encourage you to add notes for the Writing Fellow in the Notes section.
  • Click Save, and you will have signed up for your selected Writing Assistance appointment.

Appointment Confirmation

  • TutorTrac will send you an email containing the date, time, and location of your Writing Assistance appointment. Please note that TutorTrac can only send email to your bu.edu account.
  • The next time you log in to TutorTrac, you will see a list of your upcoming appointments on the Welcome Screen.
  • You may schedule one appointment of each kind in a week. The week is figured from the date/time of your first appointment.