Peer Tutoring Program – More Information

Peer Tutoring Program – More Information

The ERC cannot guarantee the availability of peer tutors for specific courses, nor can we guarantee that a tutor will be available at a time that works for your schedule.

I can select my course from the subject drop down, but I cannot find an appointment that works with my schedule; OR I can select my course from the subject drop down, but there aren’t any appointments available.

Tutors continuously add to and modify their schedules, so please continue to check back for an appointment that fits in your schedule.  Tutors are required to submit their schedules for the coming week on Thursdays at midnight, so you are more likely to find a wide variety of appointments for the coming week by searching for them on Fridays.

How do I set up a recurring appointment?

I’m not able to select the course I’m looking for when I click on “Search Availabilities”.

If you are unable to select the course when you click on “Search Availabilities” it means that the ERC does not offer tutoring in that course.  We encourage you to visit the Academic Resource Guide on the ERC website for information on alternative resources for many courses and disciplines.

Still have questions?

Please visit the Peer Tutor FAQ page for more in-depth information on our undergraduate Peer Tutoring Program.

Contact us

If you’re unable to find the answer to your question in the above resources, please contact us.  Provided the answer to your inquiry isn’t listed above, we hope to get back to you within two business days.

Course Suggestion Form

Please fill out and submit this form if you feel a course should be considered for peer tutoring support.

  • Please include school, course, and section. (ex. CASMA123)