Academic Skills Advising

Looking to sharpen your academic skills?

Do you ever lose track of time? Do you sit down to do your work and two hours later realize you have been on Facebook/Twitter/YouTube/Instagram/Netflix without even opening a book? Did you study for an hour or less just before an exam in high school and manage A’s? Are you starting to realize that this isn’t working for your current courses?

If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, then academic skills advising is for you!

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What to Expect

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Academics at BU can be difficult to navigate, but you don’t have to figure it out alone. We are here to help!

During an Academic Skills Advising appointment, you’ll get to meet with a professional staff member, discuss your academic journey, and build on your strengths. You’ll develop a personalized plan for your academic success and leave with tangible strategies to use moving forward. We believe there’s always room to grow academically and encourage you to be proactive about developing good habits – schedule an appointment today!

Common discussion topics in these appointments are: time management, organization, study skills, exam techniques, stress and anxiety.

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ERC Workshops

The ERC’s Workshops can help you become more successful by helping you better manage your time, perform better on different test formats, and improve your study habits.

Currently offered workshops are:

*We also offer custom workshops for faculty/staff and student organizations.

Fill out our Workshop Request Form to request a presentation for your class, event, or student group.
Check out the ERC Calendar to see the schedule for upcoming workshops.

Academic Tools

Other Resources Across Campus

There are so many resources at BU like tutoring, writing help, and more!
Explore all of your options with our Academic Resource Guide: