How Orientation Can Make Your Life Better

If you’re one of the many incoming students registered for Boston University’s orientation sessions this summer, you’re probably equal measures excited and overwhelmed. You’re going to meet your peers for the first time, and let me warn you that during the roughly eight hours of programming that you’ll sit through you will feel the overwhelming urge to focus on socializing. There is absolutely nothing wrong with this! Attending an orientation session is a way to make friends before you get to campus and to explore your new city. However, it’s also really important that you listen to what the presenters have to tell you during orientation (which means that you should table that conversation with your new best friend for later). Let me give you a few reasons:

1. The presenters have information that you inevitably need once you get on campus. From financial assistance to academic resources, you’re going to have so many questions during your first semester at BU. Wouldn’t you rather have that crucial information now, before you need it?

2. The presenters have information that can help you make more meaningful connections on campus. It’s true! Some of the presenters can help you get involved in community service and student organizations. Not only will that help you make a valuable contribution to campus culture, but it will also help you make friends. So just give them a minute of your time!

3. The presenters are people, just like you. Imagine you had to speak to a crowd of 400 students. Would you be nervous? Hopeful that you’d catch their attention? Exactly. At the very least, give your new BU community the respect of your attention. Before you know it, you’ll be giving your own presentations–put yourselves in their shoes!

You can totally have fun and learn so much at orientation. We challenge you to do so!