Nelson’s Article, “Economics and Community Knowledge-Making,” Published in Journal of Economic Methodology

ECI Senior Researcher Julie Nelson’s article, “Economics and Community Knowledge-Making,” was published in the Journal of Economic Methodology in January 2021. The paper suggests that the economics discipline is beginning to acknowledge the social nature of knowledge-making, which contrasts with the field’s tradition of imagining objectivity as “something attainable by lone (traditionally male) researchers.” Positive […]

Gender and Risk-Taking Economics, Evidence, and Why the Answer Matters

By Julie A. Nelson The belief that men and women have fundamentally distinct natures, resulting in divergent preferences and behaviours, is widespread. Recently, economists have also engaged in the search for gender differences, with a number claiming to find fundamental gender differences regarding risk-taking, altruism, and competition. In particular, the idea that “women are more risk-averse […]

Frugal Value: Designing Business for a Crowded Planet

by Carina Millstone, Visiting Research Fellow Routledge, July 2017 Order via Routledge This book, by Visiting Research Fellow Carina Millstone, contests the notion that companies can rise to the great challenges of our time by adopting so-called ‘sustainable business’ practices. Instead, the acute ecological crisis requires an all-round rethink of what business does, and how it […]