1958 Department of Stomatology is established to provide post-doctoral education in dentistry.


1963-1964 Boston University School of Graduate Dentistry is established and Henry Goldman is appointed its founding dean.
1967 Construction of the 100 East Newton Street building begins.
1969-1970 Principal clinical teaching activities are transferred to the new East Newton Street facility.


1972 Building on the strong foundations of post-doctoral education, a pre-doctoral program is launched.
1975 School transfers its teaching, clinical, and research activities to the newly completed seven-story building on East Newton Street.
1975 School graduates its first DMD class and Spencer Frankl is appointed dean designate by Boston University’s Board of Trustees.
1977 Henry M. Goldman, DMD, retires as dean; Spencer N. Frankl, DDS, MSD, assumes position.
1978 School is renamed the Henry M. Goldman School of Graduate Dentistry by the Trustees of Boston University.
1979 School of Graduate Dentistry and College of Liberal Arts initiate a combined BA and DMD curriculum.
1979 Department of Oral Biology formed and Dr. Morris Ruben is named its first chair.
1979 Booth Ambulatory Surgical Unit, which provides outpatient surgical care, is established.
1979 The post-doctoral and graduate degree programs are reorganized.
1979 The extramural program is established for the DMD curriculum.


1980 Dental Health Plan for University student body implemented. With its many partnerships in the community, the School continues to branch out beyond the confines of its four walls. This program initiates the “school without walls” concept and the vision of strategic partnering.
1980 The School’s Board of Visitors is formed.
1981 The prevention center and the dental plan for college students are expanded to include area schools and colleges.
1981 Dr. Dan Nathanson joins the faculty as the first chair of the new Department of Biomaterials.
1983 Department of Dental Public Health becomes the Department of Dental Care Management.
1984 The School is award a Pew National Dental Education Program Grant.
1984 The School’s first strategic planning process is initiated by Dean Spencer Frankl to address the future mission of the School. As an initial step, the Division of Dental Research is established with Dr. Carl Franzblau as director.
1984 The Geriatric Dentistry Division is established in the Department of Dental Care Management.
1987 The Career Resource Center and the Dental Placement Program are introduced.
1988 The School celebrates its 25th anniversary.
1988 Department of Diagnostic Sciences and Patient Services formed, comprising the Division of Oral Diagnosis and Radiology, the Division of Oral Pathology, and the Division of Patient Services. Dr. Thomas Kilgore is appointed its first chair.
1988 Department of Periodontology and Department of Oral Biology combined as the Department of Periodontology and Oral Biology and Dr. Frank Oppenheim is appointed its first chair.
1989 The APEX (Applied Professional Experience) program, which offers an experiential component to the DMD curriculum, is implemented.
1989 The School establishes the Boston University Dental Health Plan for University employees.


1990 The Implantology Center is formed under the direction of Dr. Zhimon Jacobson.
1990 Dr. Herbert Schilder is elected first vice president of the American Dental Association and Dr. Anthony Gianelly receives the Stang Award for Outstanding Contributions to the Field of Orthodontics.
1991 The Dental Health Center at 930 Commonwealth Ave. is opened.
1991 Henry M. Goldman, the School’s founding dean, dies.
1992 The First International Symposium in Implantology is held.
1992 The School joins Boston University’s School of Management and School of Education in the Chelsea School Partnership.
1992 Major facility changes continue, including a reconfiguration and expansion of the pre-doctoral clinic space.
1993 A Post-doctoral Strategic Planning Committee is formed to evaluate, analyze, and recommend changes in post-doctoral programming in light of projected changes in dental education, research, and practice.
1993 The Division of Oral Biology moves into its new and expanded laboratory space in the Center for Advanced Biomedical Research.
1993 The Special Athletes, Special Smiles program is created to provide dental care to participants in the Special Olympics and joins Special Olympics International.
1994 The EXCEL program, a voluntary one-month prematriculation program, is implemented.
1994 The Office of Educational Research and Evaluation is established and Dr. Deborah Fournier is appointed its first director.
1994 The Department of Pediatric Dentistry initiates a joint program with the Pediatric HIV Center at Boston City Hospital.
1994 The Office of Information Technology is established.
1995 A clinical computer and information system is implemented.
1995 The Departments of Prosthodontics and Operative Dentistry are combined to form the Department of Restorative Sciences.
1996 The School is renamed the Henry M. Goldman School of Dental Medicine by the Trustees of Boston University.
1996 The Department of Health Policy and Health Services Research is created under the chair of Dr. Raul Garcia.
1996 The Office of Pre-doctoral Admissions and Student Affairs is merged with the Registrar’s Office to form Office of Admissions and Student Affairs.
1996 Boston City Hospital and Boston University Hospital merge to create the Boston Medical Center.
1996 The Clinical Research Center is launched under the direction of Dr. Thomas Van Dyke.
1996 The Learning Organization is implemented.
1997 The Departments of Restorative Sciences and Biomaterials are merged.
1997 The Mentoring Program is formally established.
1997 Research and sponsored programs continue to show major growth and new space is acquired to accommodate this expansion.
1998 Department of Molecular and Cell Biology is formed with Dr. Carlos Hirschberg its first chair and Dr. Phillips Robbins its senior member.
1998 First Henry M. Goldman Award for Distinguished Service, honoring a BUGSDM staff member who has shown outstanding dedication to the School’s mission, is awarded to Elizabeth DeSantis Bouhmadouche, registrar.
1998 New PhD program in oral biology launched.
1999 New gene discovered by Dr. Salomon Amar, professor in the Department of Periodontology and Oral Biology, and colleagues. The gene is involved in inflammatory diseases such as arthritis and Crohn’s disease.


2000 Department of General Dentistry formed. Dr. Judith Jones becomes its first chair in 2002.
2000 The digital library is launched, with students having the option of receiving textbooks via CD or hard copy. All incoming students are required to have laptop computers.
2000 Simulation Learning Center opens in Evans Biomedical Research Center.
2002 School expands to Evans Building with the move of the Department of Molecular and Cell Biology.
2001 School receives NIH grant to establish the Center for Research to Evaluate & Eliminate Dental Disparities (CREEDD).
2002 School receives grant from the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation to establish the New England Dental Access Project (NEDAP), which will provide access to dental care to underserved populations and recruit and train minority dentists.
2003 A new patient treatment center for pre-doctoral students opened on the sixth floor of 100 East Newton Street.
2005 GSDM is chosen from among 20 competitors to establish a dental school and dental health center in the Emirate of Dubai, where graduate dental education programs, research, and clinical care are overseen by BU faculty.
2008 Jeffrey W. Hutter, a United States Navy veteran and chair of Endodontics at GSDM, becomes Dean.
2008 New state of the art Dental Health Center opens at 930 Commonwealth Avenue.
2010 Electronic dental records and digital radiography are implemented in all patient treatment centers and the Dental Health Center.
2011 The School completes a year-long applied strategic planning process, which identifies goals for excellence in education, research, and patient care and analyzes space needs, leading to a new master facility plan for the School.
2013 The School celebrated its 50th Anniversary.
2013 The pre-doctoral program transitions to Group Practice Model.
2014 The School becomes the first dental school in the United States to transition into fully integrated digital dentistry.