We adhere to our rules of conduct as written in our Code of Student Conduct, in our Faculty Handbook, and in the Human Resources Manual. We are open and honest to all about our adherence to these rules and address disciplinary matters with consistency, honesty, and openness.

As Faculty,

  • We are truthful in communications with patients about all aspects of dental care (diagnosis and treatment recommendations). We demonstrate to students how to communicate with patients in a truthful manner.
  • We demonstrate to students how to describe clearly advantages and disadvantages of treatment alternatives to patients so that together we can make the best possible decisions about their care.
  • We, in the pursuit of truth, assume a responsibility to maintain our own professional development and assure that our teaching materials are accurate, up to date, and appropriately credited.
  • We practice evidence-based decision-making in both patient care and in the classroom. We clearly demonstrate to students the importance of making decisions based on truth.
  • We understand that we can’t know everything. When we don’t know the answer to a question posed by a student, we admit it and we help the student discover the answer. We welcome the opportunity to learn new things. We practice what we preach through lifelong learning.
  • We readily admit when things go wrong or mistakes are made and take responsibility to make things right as soon as possible.
  • We consistently act in good faith and work to build confidence in the credibility of GSDM faculty.

As Students,

  • In our role as health care providers, we are committed to the principle that our patients not only require excellent treatment but also complete and clear information.
  • We are truthful with all of our patients regarding options for treatment, expected outcomes, risks and benefits, costs, time frame of treatment, and possible complications.
  • We strive to master our discipline.
  • We are truthful to faculty and honest in our performance on exams and the completion of homework and patient procedures.
  • We are truthful in obtaining faculty signatures and keeping honest records.

As Staff,

  • We provide truthful and accurate information to patients, faculty, and students.
  • We accept our role in demonstrating for students how to give complete and accurate truth to patients, especially about sensitive subjects such as payments.
  • If we do not know the answer to a question, we readily admit it and find someone who does know.
  • We understand that truth telling among staff, students, patients, and faculty helps to establish trust, an integral aspect of professionalism.
  • We foster an environment that makes us all approachable and accessible.

As Researchers,

  • We seek and communicate the truth in research endeavors, including the designing and performing of experiments, interpreting the results, reporting the data, and giving and receiving credit and criticism for the work.
  • As researchers who teach, we serve as role models for evidence-based practices to those we instruct.
  • We report our findings accurately, objectively, and without bias. We do not allow self-interests or the interests of the University or corporate sponsors to compromise the integrity of our research.
  • We recognize that conflicts of interest may arise in our work. We avoid conflicts of interest and disclose and manage the ones we cannot avoid.

As Administrators,

  • We are role models for the entire community in truthful communication and honest transactions.
  • We provide truthful and complete information about the policies and procedures at GSDM.
  • We are transparent in our proceedings and truthful about the outcomes, but we do not sacrifice confidentiality or privacy.
  • We provide applicants and incoming students with complete and accurate information for them to make informed decisions about joining us.
  • We will not accept gifts or grants as individuals or as an institution if it means compromising our academic integrity and objectivity.
  • In interviewing and hiring practices, we are truthful in providing accurate information for candidates to make informed decisions.