Seminar Series

The Center for Space Physics Seminar series features formal presentations of the latest research results by recognized experts in space science and engineering disciplines. Seminars convene every Thursday during the Fall and Spring semesters in room 502 of 725 Commonwealth Avenue from 3:30-4:15PM (with noted exceptions).

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Date Title/Subject Speaker Affiliation
Jan 25 Generation and amplification of cosmic magnetic fields in a collisionless plasma Muni Zhou Princeton University
Feb 1 High Altitude Echoes of the Inner Plasmasphere: Theory and Observations Sevag Derghazarian Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Feb 8 The shape of plasma turbulence in the lower ionosphere: a point-cloud approach Magnus Ivarsen University of Saskatchewan
Feb 15 Comparative Aeronomy – Jupiter and Saturn Ingo Mueller-Wodarg Imperial College London
Mar 21 Transformation of monitoring data to information by Machine Learning techniques Šimon Mackovjak Institute of Experimental Physics, Slovak Academy of Sciences (IEP SAS)
Apr 4 Saturn’s Variable Atmosphere in Ultraviolet Peter Stephenson University of Arizona
Apr 11 X-ray and Energetic Electron Imaging of Earth and Planetary Radiation Environments Bob Marshall University of Colorado Boulder
Apr 18 Timescales as Tests for Prebiotic Chemistry Paul Rimmer University of Cambridge
Apr 25 Matching Theory and Observations on Rapid Nonlinear Electron Acceleration in Earth’s Radiation Belts Phil Erickson Massachusetts Institute of Technology
May 2 A Planetary Scientist’s Unexpected (Animated) Journey James O’Donoghue University of Reading