Research in the CSP

Faculty within the Astronomy, Electrical and Computer Engineering, and Mechanical Engineering Departments here at Boston University work with research scientists, visiting scholars, postdoctoral fellows, and graduate and undergraduate students to pursue unique research within their distinctive research fields.

Research Newsletter

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Faculty Research Interests

Department of Astronomy

Professor John ClarkePlanetary atmospheres; UV astrophysics; FUV instruments for remote observations

Assistant Professor Wen LiSpace plasma waves; Earth’s radiation belt physics; solar-wind magnetosphere coupling; energetic particle precipitation; Jovian magnetosphere and aurora

Research Assistant Professor Carlos MartinisIonospheric Physics, Space Physics, Thermosphere/Ionosphere plasma irregularities

Professor Michael MendilloSpace physics; planetary atmospheres; observations and models

Professor Merav OpherComputational and theoretical plasma physics in space and astrophysics; Interaction of the solar system with the interstellar medium; solar wind; shocks in the lower corona, T-Tauri and Solar-Like Stars

Professor Meers OppenheimComputational and theoretical space plasma physics; dynamics of the ionosphere and solar atmosphere; particle-wave interactions in plasmas; physics of meteor trails

Associate Professor Paul WithersPlanetary atmospheres and ionospheres; radio science instruments; accelerometer instruments

Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering

Professor W. Clem KarlStatistical signal processing, Inverse problems, Biomedical signal and image processing, Multidimensional signal and image processing, Synthetic Aperture Radar

Professor Ronald KnepperVLSI integrated circuit technology, SiGe BICMOS device and circuit modeling, Silicon CMOS and bipolar devices, Numerical device simulation, RF/analog IC design

Research Associate Professor Toshi NishimuraAurora, Solar wind-Magnetosphere-Ionosphere Interaction, Ionosphere-Thermosphere Interaction at Earth, Optical and Radar Imaging, Space Weather

Professor Joshua Semeter Ionospheric and space-plasma physics; radar signal processing; spectroscopy of atmospheric airglow and aurora; optical sensors; image reconstruction and tomography

Department of Mechanical Engineering

Professor Thomas Bifano Deformable Mirrors, Microelectromechanical Systems (MEMS), Adaptive Optics, Biphotonic Microscopy, Astronomical Telescope Instrumentation, Laser Wavefront Control

Associate Professor Ray NagemStructural dynamics, Random vibration, Wave propagation, Inverse problems

Professor Brain WalshSpace Plasmas, magnetic reconnection, X-ray imaging, cubesats, spacecraft instrumentation, and space technology