The Center for Space Physics is dedicated to integrating science into the community and strives to introduce space physics to the public by providing access to its resources.

“Space physics” refers to the study of the outer atmospheres and plasma environments of solar system objects including the Sun. In contrast with astrophysics, the space physics domain can be probed in detail using a variety of in-situ and remote-sensing diagnostics. As such, the field has long thrived on a strong synergy between engineering innovation and fundamental science.

Seminar Series

The Center for Space Physics coordinates and fosters research and training in Solar-Terrestrial Physics, Planetary Astronomy, and Space Engineering at Boston University. Through its weekly Journal Club and Seminar Series, graduate students, professional staff, and faculty meet to discuss current research topics. These include recent publications, latest meeting results, plans for future ground-based observing campaigns, space-based satellite programs, and computer modeling efforts dedicated to understanding the upper atmospheric and space plasma components of solar system bodies.

The CSP Seminar Series features formal presentations of the latest research results by recognized experts in space science and engineering disciplines.Seminars convenes every Thursday during the Fall and Spring semesters in room 502 of 725 Commonwealth Avenue from 4:00-4:45PM (with noted exceptions).The seminar is preceded by refreshments in room 500 at 3:45PM.

For a complete list of this semester’s Seminar Series, please click here.

To review a list of past semesters’ talks, please visit our Previous Seminars page.

Public Open Night at the Observatory

Held by the BU Department of Astronomy, the Public Open Night at the Observatory is a chance for people to come observe the night sky through telescopes and binoculars and see things they otherwise might not get to see, and learn some astronomy as well. The Open Nights are held most Wednesday evenings throughout the year, weather permitting.

The program starts promptly at 7:30pm during the fall and winter months, and 8:30pm during the spring and summer months.

People participate in opening night at the BU Observatory on March 2, 2016.
Photo by Jackie Ricciardi for Boston University

For more information, please see the Department of Astronomy’s Public Night webpage. All inquires should be directed to the Department of Astronomy.

Past Events

Since its inception, the Center has become a world-renowned cornerstone for expertise in heliophysics, Earth’s environment, inner and outer planetary science, and beyond. As a home to a large number of graduate students, postdocs, researchers, and faculty the Center has hosted a multitude of conferences and meetings at Boston University over the years. These include the 30th Anniversary of the Center for Space Physics, Summer Schools in Plasma Processes, and 2011’s Magnetospheres of Outer Planets meeting.

Click here to few a list of hosted meetings, outreach events, and educational opportunities.