Magnetospheres of Outer Planets 2011

July 11 (Monday) – July 15 (Friday), 2011

Boston University, Boston, Massachusetts, USA

This conference was originally planned for Sendai, Japan. After the earthquake and tsunami, the Tohoku University organizing committee agreed to postpone a meeting in Sendai until a future date. The Scientifc Organizing Committee agreed to hold this meeting on the same dates in Boston MA USA.

Video and Presentations
The invited speaker page includes links to video recordings of the talks as well as available presentations.

Invited Speakers
Session 1: Moons
Session 2: Structure and Dynamics
Session 3: Posters (listed in Program of Talks PDF below)
Session 4: Saturn’s Rotation/Periodicity
Session 5: Aurora
Session 6: Posters / Rotation Workshop
Session 7: Workshops on Modeling
Session 8: Structure/Dynamics/Atmospheric Coupling

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Program of Talks: MOP 2011 Program

Workshops: MOP 2011 Workshops