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NYTimes: The Moon Has a Comet-Like Tail. Every Month It Shoots a Beam Around Earth.

In a recent article from NYTimes, CSP’s Senior Research Scientist Jeffrey Baumgardner discusses the comet-like tail of the Moon. An animation shows how sodium atoms ejected from the lunar surface are affected by the moon’s orbit around planet Earth. Video by James O’Donoghue/@PhysicsJ, based on simulations by Jody K. Wilson. Carl Sagan once said that […]

BU Research: Looking for Extraterrestrial Life

In a recent BU Research article, CSP’s Professor Michael Mendillo, Professor John Clarke, and Associate Professor Paul Withers, as well as PhD candidate Paul Dalba (Astronomy), discuss narrowing the search for extraterrestrial life with Barbara Moran. “What more important question could we ask? Are we alone?” asks Boston University professor of astronomy Michael Mendillo. “I […]